Outlander Keeps Us in Suspense with “Blood of My Blood”

(Episode 4.06)

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Outlander Keeps Us in Suspense with “Blood of My Blood”

Watch our full video recap of this week’s Outlander in the clip below.

Fraser’s Ridge is such a welcoming place. Everyone wants to come for a reunion with Jamie and Claire—even their kids!

Well, not Brianna. Where is she? Did she get lost in the stones?

Murtaugh and Jamie might not agree on their loyalty to the Crown, but their loyalty to each other is stronger. So he’s there with Claire and Jamie, having a visit. They are soon joined by Lord John Grey, the man who loves Jamie, and someone Jamie loves in return, but not in a romantic way. (This show always has a love triangle. We get it, though: Everyone wants Jamie to be their boyfriend!)

Lord Grey has come along with Jamie’s son, Willie, but his son has his own problems… he’s a bratty spoiled English lord. And you feel sorry for him. He’s lost his aunt, who he thought was his mother, and now he’s in a new country. If only he knew the soap opera that is his life!

Lord John Grey has a history with Murtaugh as well: Murtaugh and Jamie were in prison together while Grey was the prison guard. This is where Grey’s love paid off for Jamie. Grey helped him escape to an estate, while Murtaugh was sent to the States as an indentured servant. So, yeah, their relationships are very different.

Murtaugh even brings up the time he had to eat rats in prison in front of Jamie’s son, but stops short of telling the child the whole story about how his father was their guard and the reason for their poor treatment.

Willie and Jamie haven’t seen each other in years, but the boy remembers him. Soon, they are put together on a trip in the woods because Lord Grey is a victim of the measles outbreak; Claire quarantines him and Jamie and Willie head out into the woods to camp.

It’s like crash-course Boy Scout trip!

Jamie is thrilled, but the boy is not—and with good reason. He’s already lost one parent, and now he knows his father might die as well. Plus, Jamie makes him kill his own dinner and gut it. No, thanks! I prefer the butcher shop.

While Claire is home with Lord Grey, he starts talking through his fever and tells her how he is in love with Jamie. Claire calls him on it. Grey tells her that he could have had Jamie because Jamie offered to sleep with him when he promised to take care of Willie.

But Grey refused, because he didn’t want him that way.

Claire is shaken, of course, especially after what Jamie had been through with Jack Randall, but the two seem to form a type of friendship. While he is jealous of Claire’s connection with Jamie, she reminds him that he has Jamie’s son.

I mean, that’s not a small thing.

Willie disobeys Jamie and almost gets them killed when he catches a fish on Cherokee land. Jamie jumps up to save his son, and claims him as his son. He begs them to hurt him instead. Then, Willie insists he take the punishment and you see Jamie’s bravery in his son. In the end the Cherokee just give him a tiny nick and the pair leave for home.

Lord Grey survives and he is going to take off with his son for Lynchburg. Willie had asked Jamie why he didn’t look back when he left and it was clear it bothered him, so when they ride away, he looks back at Jamie.

Claire and Jamie finally reconnect with a midnight bath and a ring he had made from a candlestick that belonged to his mother.

Everything is fine with them, but now we have waited another week and still no sign of Bree.

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