Homeland: “A Gettysburg Address” (Episode 2.06)

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Homeland: “A Gettysburg Address” (Episode 2.06)

There were seven casualties in Gettysburg, Pa., from the raid in the tailor’s shop. Is Danny Galvez (Hrach Titizian) dead? While he’s been a minor character since the start of the show last season, he’s been a loyal friend to Carrie, and an intricate part of the CIA. How about Peter Quinn? If he’s gone, his time on Homeland was meaningful, but way too short. I’d like to believe he’s still alive; the show is much stronger with his presence.

“A Gettysburg Address” presses you as the viewer to decide yet again what side Brody stands on. We continue to question whether he’s is working for the CIA as a double agent, or if he’s still dedicated to Abu Nazir and his need for retaliation. Each week, we delve deeper, yet we still have no concrete answers. We can assume we know, but there’s no way of really understanding Brody completely. Not yet.

While it’s frustrating at times to play the “good” or “evil” game with Nicholas Brody, the writers of Homeland have done a phenomenal job at keeping us guessing. We are halfway through the second season and the show refuses to be fueled by anything but complexity and intelligence. With that being said, I would be surprised if the second season of Homeland didn’t walk away with every Emmy Award they received for their stellar first season. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next year to see if that’s the case. Let’s take a step back and discuss a few other important items from this week’s episode.

Mr. Personality Mike Faber (Diego Klattenhoff) found himself stonewalled by the CIA while investigating the death of Tom Walker. He believes that a co-conspirator is responsible for Walker’s death, but David Estes and Saul Berenson tell him it’s a matter of national security and that he should stop his freelance investigation immediately. So what does Faber do? He snoops around Brody’s garage and finds the 9MM that killed Walker and the missing bullet that supports his theory about Brody and Walker working together. Even worse, he tells Jessica about it, along with the “I love you and I care for you” line.

On we go to the Brody kids:

Chris Brody. I have nothing to say about him because there is nothing to say about him. His character may be pointless.

Dana Brody (Morgan Saylor) is unable to focus on anything but the night she and her new boyfriend Finn hit a woman in D.C with Finn’s car and fled the scene. Dana is frantic when she finds out the woman may have died in the hospital. Finn wants to cover it up, but Dana wants to talk about it and help out the victim’s daughter. By doing what exactly, Dana? Hitting her with a car too? Throwing bags of money at her? With Finn’s father being the Vice President and Dana’s father being a Congressman, nothing good can come of the hit-and-run situation being public.

Here are a few questions that should stimulate conversation:
-Will Jessica confront Brody about the death of Tom Walker?

-Is Peter Quinn alive?

-Does Roya know that Brody spoke to the CIA?