Hamilton Far Eclipsed Anything on Netflix in July, Streaming Numbers Reveal

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Hamilton Far Eclipsed Anything on Netflix in July, Streaming Numbers Reveal

We don’t know exact streaming numbers on any of of the titles on Disney+, but independent numbers have now been revealed that show just what a cultural behemoth Hamilton was when it arrived on the service in July. The Lin-Manuel Miranda musical had already captivated the nation in its initial theatrical touring, but that audience was likely a drop in the bucket compared to the millions and millions who were watching the streaming version last month. According to data from 7Park Data reported in Variety, the series was so big that it effectively tripled the audience size of the next closest competitor on Netflix.

In total, 37% of 7Park Data’s panel of viewers in the U.S. watched Hamilton in July, which is a shockingly high number for any one piece of media. By way of comparison, the second-highest number for the month of July was Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, which only 14% of the sample audience watched. Other shows and movies on the list include Netflix’s The Old Guard (10.6%), Amazon’s Hanna (9.6%) and Hulu’s Palm Springs (8.1%). But clearly, all of those numbers are straight-up dwarfed by the colossus of Hamilton. In fact, it was the largest audience that any one program in 2020 could boast, according to 7Park’s data. In June, for comparison, the show with the largest percentage of the pie was Netflix’s Space Force, with only 8.3%.

Hamilton also outperformed numerous TV series (sitcoms and dramas) in terms of total time that viewers spent watching, with 7Park’s sample audience (15,000-25,000 strong) spending more total time watching the musical than shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Office and Parks & Rec.

It all points to a truly ridiculous number of viewers that must have consumed Hamilton on Disney+ in the last month. One has to wonder if anything else in 2020 will even come close to matching this kind of fervor, or whether Hamilton will prove to be one of a kind.