Dexter: “Do You See What I See” (Episode 7.11)

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Dexter: “Do You See What I See” (Episode 7.11)

At the end of last week’s episode, it was more apparent than ever that Debra was willing to do whatever it took to extract Hannah from Dexter’s life. By the end of this week’s episode, “Do You See What I See,” we are left at a crossroads wondering whether or not Hannah had anything to do with Deb’s apparent overdose and car crash. With a quick investigation by Dex, all the evidence conveniently points to a Christmas gift he didn’t want to open: A guilty Hannah. What we really didn’t put much thought into is what Hannah said to Dexter earlier in the episode: “I’ve never made a mistake. If I had poisoned Debra, she would be dead.”

Showtime has recently released billboards for the season seven finale with an image of Dexter and Debra glaring at each other with the tagline “Someone’s Got It Coming.” With all the tension created from the colliding storylines, it appears the major focus is the relationship between the Morgan siblings. Sure, Deb and Dex aren’t exactly enemies, but what would happen if it was uncovered that Deb framed Hannah regarding the overdose and crash? It’s believable, and it would certainly fuel Dex to go absolutely berserk.

Most of the show’s success comes from the thrill of watching Dexter in action. In earlier seasons, an episode would start off with the famous lines “tonight’s the night,” indicating he was on the prowl and his Dark Passenger had taken over. With his kill shirt on and that determined glare, we knew Dexter was closing in on his next victim. Dexter was judge and jury when he confronted the victims on his table. He would show them pictures or tell them exactly why they were wrapped in plastic. It would end with few words and Dexter’s knife plunging into the chest of his victim. For Dexter, this was how he restored balance in his life.

Over the seasons, Dexter’s attempts to strike a balance between serial killer and blending in as a normal individual often leave his personal life in a state of chaos. We’ve seen his wife Rita murdered, Harrison taken hostage by the Doomsday Killer, Debra on the Ice Truck Killer’s table, and now his relationship with Hannah in complete shambles. While the last few episodes have been highly focused on Hannah McKay, the show will benefit greatly as it returns to where we started during the season seven premiere: Debra and Dexter working out their differences. Before we look to the season finale next week, let’s go over the most important thing that happened this week.

It’s not often that Dexter is trapped or outsmarted. With the prison release of Hector Estrada, Dex was set up by LaGuerta in an effort to solve the Bay Harbor Butcher case. When compelling evidence pointed to James Doakes, she went to desperate measures in order to lure Dexter into the open—and it worked. Just as Estrada mentions Captain LaGuerta was involved in his release, Dex quickly realizes he’s been set up. Dex is able to escape in time, but not before Estrada gets away and LaGuerta uncovers the kill room wrapped in plastic and the chainsaw. This will leave no doubt in Maria’s mind that Dexter is her guy.