The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda’s 10 Best (and Worst) Snacks, Ranked

Through highly calculated nutritional science and a board of ethicists, we've scientifically determined Grogu's best num-nums.

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The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda’s 10 Best (and Worst) Snacks, Ranked

Baby Yoda (aka Grogu aka The Child) is a growing 50-year-old boy, and his little green tummy needs lots of yummies in order to become a big and strong Sith Lord, or, er, Jedi. However, in order for his power in the Force to be balanced, Grogu needs a balanced diet, and some of the things he decides to put in his mouth are definitely not part of a balanced breakfast.

But it’s OK. He’s learning. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write a comprehensive list of what snacks, meals and treats are good for the growing foundling, and which ones he should spit out right now, Grogu!!! [Note: This list is for the eyes of Grogu and his rightful guardians only, please respect the privacy of this child’s dietary history.]

1. Bone Broth (Chapter 4)


This is our certified Best Meal (™) for the little guy. It’s warm, served at a respectable establishment, and doesn’t contain any gross or unethical materials (at least that we see). Although it may be a few steps away from being approved by the FDA, it seems safe and nutritious enough for Grogu to enjoy, and a simple sip of the stuff was enough to stop Space Dad and Space Mom from fighting and create an iconic image in the process. Drink up Grogu, just be careful not to swallow any of the bones!

2. Nevarro Nummies, a.k.a. Blue Macarons (Chapter 12)


Do you want to make a consumable item fit to exist in the Star Wars galaxy? Just make it blue! It worked for Luke’s milk, and it works for Grogu’s macarons.

That’s right, we said Grogu’s. So what if the other kid technically owned them? Grogu very politely requested just one teensy little nummie, and his classmate very rudely refused. What’s the foundling supposed to do, just starve?? He also did a good job using the Force, so he deserves some treats, and it looks like he left at least one for the rude kid, which is probably the only amount Grogu requested in the first place! No, you’re being too coddling!

Well, on the other hand, a pack of just 12 of these things looks like it’ll run you 50 Star Bucks at the far, far away, long, long ago Williams Sonoma, so perhaps it’s a little more understandable that the kid wouldn’t want to give away the expensive treats… no, no treat is too expensive for our Baby Yoda! I’m sure he didn’t know anyway, and at least he returns some of it in blue spit-up form….

3. Space Soup with Space Dad (Chapter 12)


We don’t really get a good look at what’s in Grogu’s soup during his meal with Mando, but we’re more approving of the fact that the two finally sat down and ate a meal together here! Too often, Din Djarin is off fighting bad guys and monsters and whatever while Grogu is left to scavenge for whatever edible (or non-edible) things he can get his adorable little teeth around. Yes, he’s very strong in the Force, but he still needs supervision and appropriate bonding time, especially during meals where his food can occasionally attack him.

4. Mystery Meat (Chapters 5, 7)


Similar to the Space Soup, we’re more approving of the method in which Grogu is fed than necessarily the food itself. Grogu eats some kind of mystery meat twice in the first season, first by Amy Sedaris when she offers to feed him “something with bones in it,” and then little pieces of a fire-cooked animal by Carl Weathers, who very kindly broke it up into little Baby Yoda-appropriate pieces. We prefer broth and veggies to whatever strange animals these people eat, but as long as they’re appropriately cooked and served, we guess it’s OK.

5. Metal Ball (Various)


Alright, so we’re stretching the definition of “snack” a bit here, but it’s something he puts in his mouth a lot, so we’re counting it! Perhaps better defined as a teething toy, one running gag in the series is Grogu’s varied attempts at getting the metal ball on Mando’s ship controls, which eventually Mando utilizes as a reward for Grogu using the Force on command. Having something to teeth on, especially as positive reinforcement, probably isn’t hurting anything, but only with proper supervision! We don’t want him to accidentally choke on it!

6. Frogs (Chapters 2, 4)


… It’s at least a whole lot better than uncooked frog! The first thing we ever see Grogu put in his mouth, Mando rightfully tells him to spit it out but wrongfully doesn’t offer him anything in return. We’re with you on the stance that the child shouldn’t be putting live, slimy creatures from alien planets in his mouth, but if you don’t feed the poor thing, what else is he supposed to do?! The poor guy was in his Space Crib alone for who knows how long, he’s hungry!

The lesson evidently didn’t stick, either, as we see Grogu half-swallow another froggie before the disgust of watching children convinces him to let it go, to his peers’ (and likely the frog’s) delight. Didn’t they feed him anything else?!

7. Trooper Finger (Chapter 8)


Just to be clear, Grogu doesn’t actually eat the mean trooper’s finger, although it would serve him right for kidnapping and hitting (!!!) our precious child! (It would also be very gross for Grogu, though.) Instead, he just gives the trooper a well-deserved bite on the finger for being so mean! Then IG-11 kills both troopers and all is well. We don’t generally advise any fingers (other than the chicken variety) going in Grogu’s mouth, but for self-defense, an exception can be made.

We’re just glad Giancarlo Esposito didn’t use any “product” from his other gig in Albuquerque to try to get Grogu hooked on anything! Don’t do Death Sticks, Grogu!!!

8. Weird Tentacle Creatures in Chowder/ Ship (Chapter 11)


Now we’re getting to the really gross stuff. After a perilous and traumatic journey, Grogu finally gets to a restaurant for some well-earned soup, but as he stares into the grimy muck with suspicion, a tiny octopus-looking creature jumps out and attaches itself to his face! Mando, in a shocking act of apathy, simply tells Grogu not to “play with [his] food,” as the poor thing’s face is probably getting eaten, then plops the monster back into his soup.

Then at the end of that particular adventure, the same type of creature nearly attacks Grogu before Mando grabs it at the last second. “Finally, some common sense!” one would think, before he evidently feeds the hideous thing to him. You might say, “Oh, it’s clearly safe for him to eat if it’s being served at a restaurant,” but they’re clearly mistaken. Something that icky and dangerous is clearly not meant for consumption, certainly not while it’s still alive!

9. Frog Lady’s Eggs (Chapter 10)


The most controversial snack here, audiences were outraged over Grogu eating a number of the Frog Lady’s eggs, which (if entirely destroyed or left unfertilized by the equinox), would have meant the end of her family line. Some compared the act to an attempted genocide, while others, including Rey’s actress, Daisy Ridley, and Moff Gideon’s Esposito, actively defended the act in interviews. After careful consideration of this complex issue, we’re prepared to take an official stance on the issue:


One can make the argument that he didn’t fully understand the potential consequences of his actions, but he can clearly understand Mando and continues to go after the eggs even after he tells him not to. Now, some have gone as far as “canceling” Grogu after his deeds, which is a little harsh for a baby, but he definitely deserves a stern talking to. And, for the love of the Force, don’t sell Funko Pops commemorating his dastardly deeds!

There’s one final, forbidden snack, that warrants no forgiveness…

10. Baby Ice Spider (Chapter 10)


Just no.

Both seasons of The Mandalorian are now available to stream, exclusively on Disney+.

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