Maya Rudolph Is a Billionaire With a Heart of Gold in Trailer for Apple TV+’s Loot

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Maya Rudolph Is a Billionaire With a Heart of Gold in Trailer for Apple TV+’s Loot

Asking an audience to sympathize with the personal plight of an aloof billionaire seems like a pretty tall order at this particular moment of economic turmoil and rampant inflation, but if anyone could make such a character sympathetic, would it not be Maya Rudolph? We can only presume this is what Apple TV+ must have been thinking when they signed off on upcoming workplace comedy series Loot, which dropped its first trailer today. The former SNL icon turned sitcom stalwart is taking on a pretty meaty looking lead role, judging from the first footage and the following synopsis:

After discovering her husband’s betrayal of 20 years, billionaire Molly Novak spirals into a tabloid-fueled self-destructive spiral. To her surprise, a charitable foundation offers to help Molly get back on track.

That would be her own charitable foundation, which she never knew existed because she was too busy being full of herself. So in effect, Loot is like some modern riff on How Stella Got Her Groove Back, if Stella had been a billionaire to embraced philanthropy to give her hollow life meaning. One has to wonder whether the series may uncomfortably speak to the American desire for the rich and powerful to simply act in our best interest—which they of course never do—or a bit of a fantasy that someone with the tools of Elon Musk might one day turn out to not be an asshole.

Regardless, it’s always nice to see Maya Rudolph get her due, as there hasn’t been a more reliable comedic actress in the last few decades. She’s backed up here by Adam Scott as her philandering ex husband, along with a supporting cast that includes Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster, Nat Faxon and Ron Funches. Check out the first trailer for Loot below, which premieres June 24, 2022 on Apple TV+.