Rome to Tourists: Stop Swimming in our Fountains

Travel News
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When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? But, you know what Romans don’t do? They don’t swim in the damn fountains.

Two California tourists were fined €450—about $500—each after Italian authorities caught the two reenacting the famed Trevi Fountain scene in Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita.” Needless to say, the couple should’ve listened to Marcello’s advice as he stepped into the fountain, “We’re
all making a mistake.”

The two are just the latest Roman fountain dippers, which has been an odd passion among
tourists and locals alike for centuries. Last week, a British tourist took a break from the sweltering 95-degree heat in the Trevi Fountain. Earlier this week, a 22-year-old American
soaked in the fountain near the Spanish Steps. And, earlier this month, a trio of Italian girls
splashed around the 400-year-old fountain in Piazza del Popolo.

Because of the recent string of incidents, Roman authorities are cracking down on splash-happy fountain swimmers. So do as the Romans do and don’t swim in the fountains, please.

Tom is a travel writer, part-time hitchhiker, and he’s currently trying to imitate Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? but with more sunscreen and jorts.