The Twist is the Simple AirPlay Speaker and Smart Light Bulb Combo You’ve Always Wanted

Tech News
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Smart home gadgets are ten a penny but the Twist lightbulb and music speaker thinks it has simplified things nicely.

The lightbulb doubles over as an AirPlay speaker for your Apple device, unlike other lightbulb/speaker combos that usually use Bluetooth. The product, which begins shipping this year after the pre-order launch last year, comes in packs of one, two or three bulbs, costing $99, $149, and $199 respectively.

The bulbs don’t require any cumbersome setup or installation with a smart home hub. Instead the bulb and speaker is aimed at renters that may not necessarily be investing much money in smart home tech.

Twist, which is owned by Astro, is led by Shaun Springer who used to work for home automation tech company Crestron Electronics. He would frequently bring home bulky hardware for testing, which spurred him to develop something smaller and simpler.

It certainly does keep things simple and may be appealing to people that want something compact and easy to use for their homes but when it comes to the smart home and IoT aficionado, Twist will probably have hard time going up against the glut of products from the likes of Philips.