5 Big Announcements From Samsung’s Foldable-Focused Unpacked Event

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5 Big Announcements From Samsung’s Foldable-Focused Unpacked Event

Samsung is back with its second Samsung Unpacked event for 2022, and with that comes the next round of major device announcements from the tech giant. Wednesday’s event put heavy focus on the next generation of Samsung’s foray into foldable smartphones — a sector of the market that they overwhelmingly hold in the U.S. — among other new device iterations.

The rumors of the next Galaxy Watch series proved true and the latest entry in Samsung’s line of earbuds made their debut with some interesting improvements. With all of these devices available for preorder now ahead of their August 26, 2022 release date, let’s delve a little deeper into all the foldables, wearables and listenables Samsung teed up for the summer’s final stretch.


Galaxy Z Fold4 (Starting at $1,799.99)
The Galaxy Z Fold4 remains a statement piece of Samsung’s smartphone lineup. This year’s entry is once again positioned as the ultimate handheld productivity machine as its introduction placed heavy emphasis on the ability to multitask. A new Toolbar lets users switch quickly between their most used and recently used apps along with the ability to save and launch preset app combinations that they regularly use together.

The phone itself received some design improvements as well. A new hinge design and the retooling of the screen make the phone lighter and shrink the hinge slightly. The under display camera blends into the dual-screen display better while still utilizing Samsung’s improved nighttime photography tools (or Nightography). The improvements are solid, but the starting price still makes the Z Fold4 a big ask.


Galaxy Z Flip4 (Starting at $999.99)
The Z Fold4’s more compact cousin packs in some of the same workflow flexibility in a parcel that is squarely focused at aspiring content creators and those wanting a bit more customization and flair. The Z Flip4’s Flex Mode lets users snap selfies and record video with ease, and the 1.9-inch cover screen gets additional functionality thanks to a new SmartThings widget, quick text reply and Samsung Wallet integration.

The form factor is now squared off with a stronger casing and glass on the main screen. Similar to the Z Fold4, users can preview selfies on the cover screen and improved battery life extends that usage time. There is also the option to mix and match casing colors to make your own “bespoke” version of the device. The starting price still feels a bit steep, but the continued iteration keeps the most accessible foldable in Samsung’s lineup moving in the right direction.


Galaxy Watch5 (Starting at $279.99)
With the next Galaxy Watch, Samsung zeroes in the same focus as pretty much all wearable producers: health and fitness. The Galaxy Watch5 features a redesigned back plate with a larger surface area to gather more biometric data and an infrared sensor to better track body temperature. Improved sleep tracking and sleep coaching are included, and it all comes packaged in what Samsung describes as a 60% stronger and more durable design.


Galaxy Watch5 Pro (Starting at $449.99)
Samsung’s first “Pro” version of its wearable line is tailored specifically to its most outdoorsy and hyper health focused of its user base. The titanium casing and watch face glass are the most durable ever featured on a Galaxy Watch, according to Samsung, giving it an advantage with the hiking and mountain biking crowd. The Track Route option is also appetizing, providing users with voice-guided navigation on routes that can be synced to other users, and Track-Back makes getting back to your starting point a breeze. Samsung also stated that the Watch5 Pro will deliver multi-day battery life.


Galaxy Buds 2 Pro ($229.99)
The buds are back. Samsung’s latest earbud iteration improve on the form factor for both comfort and utility. The buds themselves are 15% smaller and redesigned for better air flow and better wind shielding to aid noise reduction. Samsung boasts higher audio quality, claiming the buds produce 24-bit audio comparable to wired earbuds. The new buds can connect to Samsung TVs now and can switch easily between various Samsung devices with ease, and the anxiety of misplacing one of these tiny things is now assuaged thanks to SmartThings Find.