Parfait is an App That Helps You Pick the Perfect Photo

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Parfait is an App That Helps You Pick the Perfect Photo

Photos are still an unwieldy beast. Sure back in the olden days you had stacks of polaroids, or rolls upon rolls of film stashed away, which was its own kind of awful, but even the digital era can get muddy.

I generally try to back up pictures of vacations and trips and the like and delete them from my device afterward (whether it’s my phone or a legit camera), but with options like photo streams and cloud files, my goodness, I can barely flip through some of my menus. Parfait attempts to solve the common problem of “I have 15 pictures of this plate of Mexican food” by paring it down, with mixed results.

The gimmick of Parfait (after signing up for yet another proprietary account of course, or by linking your Facebook and Google information) is that after allowing access to your photos, it can “select the best one” from a group. Mind, this isn’t something you’re going to want to use if you’re a “one and done” kind of photographer, but rather someone who takes multiple shots of the same scene. In essence, you’re selecting a group of photos, picking out your favorite highlights (like say, a sunrise), and then it chooses what you might think are the best ones.

From there you can select your favorites, save it as a one-off, and optionally delete the others, which Parfait essentially deems unworthy. That’s basically it, but the process isn’t quite as sound as I’d like it to be.

parfait app 1.jpg

First off it’s odd that I have to sign up for some social network type nonsense when all I’m doing is selecting pictures off my own camera roll. But the UI also has a few issues too, as it doesn’t allow you to easily swap between photo streams, nor does it have any real science to it. You’re just picking close-up sections you like, which can be done through various other apps (that can identify smiles, for example) or basic crop features.

With the removal of account-linking and a few updates, Parfait could be a force to be reckoned with. Instead, just stick to the already useful on-board features when it comes to photo manipulation.

Parfait is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.