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Packpoint App

Packing is one of my least favorite things to do. When I’m heading to a fun trip or even a business event, the last thing I want to do is check, then re-check, then re-check again to make sure I brought everything I need for the occasion. By the time I hit the airport and I’m waiting for my flight, I inevitably forget about some crucial item that I need to buy as soon as I land. Packpoint attempts to rectify that situation, and serves as a little trip planner of sorts on top of that.

To start off, you’ll input your destination, trip length, and whether it’s for business or pleasure. What this does is essentially customize your packing list based on the weather, how long you’re there, and the nature of the trip. So for someplace particularly cold, it’ll suggest a winter coat, and for a business occasion, Packpoint will suggest items like business cards.

It’s not a massive game-changer, but from a pragmatic standpoint, it absolutely works. Packpoint will in fact over-suggest items just to make sure that you pack them, even if you aren’t the type of person who would pack multiple business casual suits for a three-day trip. Using the checklist option you can easily just chop that part off, and stick to the basics as you see fit. You also have the option of tapping extra activities, such as swimming, hiking, and so on. By selecting any number of these excursions, more packing choices will populate.


It’s easy to move around within the app as well, since the UI is very clean and uniform. There aren’t a heap of options and buttons to get lost in, which helps you concentrate on the task at hand—because after all, I generally want to get packing done as soon as possible. I particularly love the soothing blue and white color scheme. It may sound silly, but with an activity as stressful as packing and traveling, every touch of cheery positivity helps.

I’m going to use Packpoint for all my trips going forward. Even if I just use it as a reminder at a base level and not an in-depth “step by step” guide, it’s extremely useful due to its simplistic yet effective algorithms.

Packpoint is a multiplatform app that is available for free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.