Tickets For Leicester City’s Last Home Game Are Going For £15,000

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Tickets went on sale yesterday for Leicester City’s last home game of the season, scheduled for May 7th against Everton. If they win the Premier League (they only need to win three of their last five games to do it), that’s the game where the team will be presented with the trophy. For longtime fans, it’s a chance to bear witness to easily the proudest moment in the club’s history.

Unsurprisingly, tickets were sold out in about an hour and a half.

Almost immediately after the sales for that game closed, a secondary market for emerged to offer tickets at outrageous markups. Some tickets are going for as much as £15,000 (or over $21,000).

To put that in perspective: it would be considerably cheaper for two Leicester fans to fly to New York, get tickets for Hamilton on Stubhub, go out for a nice dinner afterward, and stay at a four star hotel.

A club spokesperson said that they “will take action against any ticket touting or any attempt to resell tickets for above their face value.” It’s unclear what those actions are, but at press time the secondary market for tickets continues unabated.

Meanwhile, some supporters are incensed over the ticket situation. Club members apparently were not offered an early crack at tickets, leading to some Gold Members waiting to buy only to be turned away almost as soon as they went on sale.

Club chairman Cliff Ginnetta expressed sympathy with those supporters but made it clear that club members don’t get special privileges when it comes to ticket sales.

“It was made clear at the start of the season, we had a meeting with the football club and they explained to everyone about everything. It was always going to be tight. I can understand people getting upset now but it’s supply and demand and the demand is full. There are people I have known for years and last year they were taking the mick and saying they weren’t going to pay to see them because they’re rubbish and now they want a ticket. It’ll be the same people if the [Leicester] Tigers get to the [European Rugby Champions Cup] final. It’s not only been the camaraderie with the staff and the players, it’s been with the fans since we were in League One. That has swept the club along and there’s a real hardcore of fans and the club have been loyal to them.”

Leicester-Everton is scheduled for a 5:30 local time kickoff, so you’re probably better off switching the TV on and ordering a pizza. (Or making pancakes, if you’re in North America.)