Claudio Ranieri Is Visiting His Mother In Italy Instead Of Watching Chelsea-Tottenham

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There’s a very good chance that Leicester City will win the Premier League title today, bringing The Greatest Story In Sports (™) to its anticipated (if somewhat anticlimactic) end.

And Claudio Ranieri will be one of the last people to know.

Chelsea host Tottenham later today. If Spurs lose or draw this game, Leicester will be handed the title. The entire city of Leicester is holding their collective breaths in anticipation of the result from Chelsea-Spurs. The streets are already emptying out. The team is heading over to Jamie Vardy’s house to watch the game. For the Leicester City family, tonight could be the biggest night in the club’s history.

But Claudio Ranieri is purposefully ignoring today’s game. Instead, he’s in Italy spending time with his dear old mum.

Ranieri said he would be “the last man to know the result” because he’ll be having lunch with his 96 year old mother Renata.

I’d like to watch the game but I am on a flight back from Italy. I want to meet my mother, who is 96 years old, and go for lunch with her. I fly back at the same time as the match. So I won’t know the result. But when we land I will hear.

It’s worth noting that they have internet on planes now.

Of course, this is all likely just him not wanting to psych himself out over the result. Can’t say I blame him.

Kickoff between Chelsea and Tottenham is at 3pm EST on NBC Sports Network. If you have time before then, call your mother. She worries about you.