Watch Paul Ryan’s Opponent’s Inspiring Campaign Ad

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Watch Paul Ryan’s Opponent’s Inspiring Campaign Ad

As Paul Ryan and other House Republican lawmakers do everything they can to sneak a potentially damaging health care bill into law with little to no oversight, Ryan may suddenly need to shift his attention back home. Sporting a thick mustache and a disarming Midwestern accent, the union iron worker—and U.S. Army veteran—Randy Bryce just released an ad to announce his bid to take Paul Ryan’s seat in 2018.

And man, is it a good ad.

It’s no secret that American disdain for their politicians is at an all-time high. No matter what poll Trump sources, his approval ratings are historically low. And yet, miraculously, Congress’ approval is even lower still. The time is ripe for an outsider, man-of-the-people candidate to make a run. Randy Bryce’s impeccable ad—set to a haunting theme reminiscent of The Social Network soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross—looks to capitalize on those sentiments.

In his statement to the Washington Post, Bryce said:

My values are my neighbors’ values, and we know that Washington has gotten way off track. Whether it’s healthcare, jobs, national security, education, or the environment, there’s not one issue where Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are headed in the right direction. It’s time for a change in Congress.

This isn’t Bryce’s first attempt to run—he’s failed a few previous runs for state-level office—but the time may finally be ripe for a political outsider like him. Hell, Trump rode that sort of sentiment all the way to the White House. Surely, a truly self-made man could make a little progress.

At the end of the ad Bryce speaks to Paul Ryan directly. “Let’s trade places. Paul Ryan, you can come work the iron and I’ll go to D.C.” Sounds good to us.

Check out the inspiring ad above.