Weird: Trump Trailing Multiple Dems in 2020 Matchups, per Poll

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Weird: Trump Trailing Multiple Dems in 2020 Matchups, per Poll

After this week’s deeply satisfying Michael Cohen guilty pleas, it seems natural that a Trump 2020 bid would be … murky. Thursday morning, Politico assured the public that this was true even the week before this report. As of Aug. 16-18, a poll conducted by the outlet showed Trump struggling to garner a even third of the votes when matched up against various prospective Democratic nominees.

Hypothetical voters were given the option of Trump, a potential Democrat or neither. In the first two battles, Trump lost by 12 percentage points to the ancient, but charming duo of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Massachusetts Senator and taker-of-zero-B.S. Elizabeth Warren beat Trump out as well, with a result of 34 percent to 30 percent.

After these candidates, though, Democrats specifically become unsure, Politico notes. Looking at Sanders and Biden in comparison to Warren, for example, there’s a notable eight percent difference between the victories against Trump, and that disparity only increases when looking at literally any other Democratic candidate. Other notable, more-than-capable potential nominees like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Andrew Cuomo narrowly lose to Trump in this same poll, as does depressing potential nominee Michael Avenatti.

Are three Democratic candidates enough to take Trump down in 2020? Will any of those three even run?