LCD Soundsystem Slams Purported Rhino Reissues of Its Albums

"LCD Soundsystem certainly aren’t announcing shit."

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LCD Soundsystem Slams Purported Rhino Reissues of Its Albums

Earlier today, we noticed that Pitchfork was reporting that Rhino Entertainment would be reissuing four LCD Soundsystem albums (45:33, LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening and London Sessions) on vinyl later this month.

This seemed like exciting news for fans who have been patiently waiting for the band’s forthcoming album, which James Murphy has said is finished. That is, until Murphy and the band took issue with the reissues later in the day, saying he had no idea they were happening and that people should just buy the albums in questions from his own label, DFA Records, which released them in the first place.

“LCD Soundsystem certainly aren’t announcing shit, as they had no idea that these were even coming out,” LCD said in a statement late Monday. “Just buy the records from DFA, like you have been able to for years.”

As the band pointed out, “the Rhino press release also describes LCD Soundsystem as ‘one of the freshest sounds on the London underground scene in the early 2000s,’ so that shows how seriously anyone should take it.”

LCD Soundsystem and DFA Records were both founded in New York.

A representative for Rhino Entertainment didn’t immediately return a call for comment, and as of press time, Paste had not been made aware of any Rhino press release announcing the LCD Soundsystem reissues. Rhino’s online list of press releases makes no mention of LCD Soundsystem.