Helena Deland and Ouri Announce Debut Album as Hildegard, Share “Jour 1”

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Helena Deland and Ouri Announce Debut Album as Hildegard, Share “Jour 1”

Helena Deland told Paste in late 2020 that Hildegard was on its way. The project, a collaboration between Deland and French producer Ouri, then went on to release its first single “Jour 2” last month. Today (April 7), the news arrives that we can expect their debut self-titled LP on June 4.

The announcement comes with the release of single “Jour 1,” and an accompanying music video directed by Deland and Ouri. The new song finds a different mix of Deland’s haunting, ghostly folk-style vocals and Ouri’s electronic dance influences than we’ve seen previously. With “Jour 2” being toned-down and ethereal, “Jour 1” shows a harder edge of how these two can come together, with bouncing percussion biting through Deland’s singing. With two tracks out of eight released, each titled in French after one day the duo spent together, we’re already seeing the wide range of possibility that comes from two vastly different musical powerhouses teaming up.

Hildegard described “Jour 1” in a statement as being “about processing by partying, and the clarity that sometimes comes with it.” Watch the music video for the latest single below. Keep scrolling for the Hildegard album artwork and tracklist.

Hildegard Album Artwork:


Hildegard Tracklist:
1. Jour 1
2. Jour 2
3. Jour 3
4. Jour 4
5. Jour 5
6. Jour 6
7. Jour 7
8. Jour 8