Diarrhea Planet Announce Breakup, Final Shows

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Diarrhea Planet Announce Breakup, Final Shows

With two more guitarists than “normal” (a total of four) and an unforgettable, stomach-turning name, Diarrhea Planet carved a place for themselves in garage rock. Their time, however, has come to an end today with an announcement far less well received than the track of the same name on their latest record Turn To Gold. In a statement shared on their social media accounts, Diarrhea Planet announced that they would be breaking up, adding, “It has truly been amazing to share our music with y’all onstage and off.” The band will play a pair of shows in their hometown of Nashville on Sept. 7 and 8 to say farewell, or “Shred Thee Well.”

Diarrhea Planet introduced themselves with their EP Aloha, and after they dropped I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in 2013, Paste named the six-piece The Best of What’s Next. Although the Belmont-originated group will no longer be releasing new material, their two final shows at Nashville’s EXIT/IN give fans a last chance to churn their stomachs going wild to the heavy hitters. Blank Range and Idle Bloom will join them the first night and Faux Ferocious and H.A.R.D. the second night. Tickets go on sale July 27.

Listen to a performance by Diarrhea Planet from the Paste archives below: