Beirut Announce Artifacts Compilation, Share Unreleased Track

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Beirut Announce Artifacts Compilation, Share Unreleased Track

Solo project-turned-band Beirut announce Artifacts, a compilation showcasing the evolution of Zach Condon and the group, out Jan. 28, 2022, via Condon’s own Pompeii Records.

Tracing the history of Beirut, from Condon’s 14-year-old self to their current sound, the compilation will include early EPs that have not yet received a proper physical release with pressings on CD and vinyl to be released on Mar. 4, 2022.

In anticipation of Artifacts, Beirut has also released “Fisher Island Sound,” a previously unreleased, horn-saturated, glimmering indie rock track.

In a statement, Condon shares the story behind “Fisher Island Sound”:

I played with the lines for years before trying to record versions of it in Brooklyn with the band. Perrin Cloutier had taught himself how to play a new button accordion beautifully, and the band was really sounding their best. I however, struggled in those years to put vocals on the songs and ended up scrapping a lot of the music from that era in this part of the collection due to fear, stress and self-doubt. I’ve come to rediscover some of these old songs in a different light since then, but they do remain a heavy reminder of unsteady times.

Listen to “Fisher Island Sound” and see the details of Artifacts below. You can preorder the compilation here.

Artifacts Artwork:


Artifacts Tracklist:

Side A – Lon Gisland, Transatlantique, O Leãozinho
1. Elephant Gun
2. My Family’s Role In The World Revolution
3. Scenic World
4. The Long Island Sound
5. Carousels
6. Transatantique
7. O Leãozinho

Side B – The Misfits
8. Autumn Tall Tales
9. Fyodor Dormant
10. Poisoning Claude
11. Bercy
12. Your Sails
13. Irrlichter

Side C – New Directions and Early Works
14. Sicily
15. Now I’m Gone
16. Napoleon On The Bellerophon
17. Interior of a Dutch House
18. Fountains and Tramways
19. Hot Air Balloon

Side D – The B-Sides
20. Fisher Island Sound
21. So Slowly
22. Die Treue zum Ursprung
23. The Crossing
24. Zagora
25. Le Phare Du Cap Bon
26. Babylon