Sydney Sweeney to Star in Sexy Barbarella Reboot for Sony

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Sydney Sweeney to Star in Sexy Barbarella Reboot for Sony

Get ready for what we’re assuming was pitched as a zero-G sex romp, because it sounds like there’s another potential remake of Barbarella headed our way. The original 1968 sci-fi movie stands out as a cheesy, campy pinnacle of the hippie era, released in the wake of the Summer of Love and reflective of the more sex-positive attitudes of the era. Starring Jane Fonda as the titular space traveler, who journeys across the stars in pursuit of the wicked scientist Durand Durand, Barbarella was adapted by director Roger Vadim from a satirical French comic series.

The upcoming reboot from Sony, on the other hand, will reportedly star (and be executive produced by) none other than Euphoria star Sidney Sweeney, according to Deadline. The project is still in early development, and does not yet have a writer or director attached.

There have been several previous attempts at producing a Barbarella reboot of some kind, but you have to acknowledge that this one makes a lot of sense. We would expect a take on the original material that is parodic on at least some level, as the optimistic naiveté of Barbarella would probably be difficult to replicate earnestly in 2022. But Sweeney seems like she would be more than capable of stepping into the role iconically associated with Fonda, as Euphoria has made the actress arguably one of the biggest sex symbols among Gen Z performers. Likewise, her starring role on the first season of HBO’s The White Lotus has also tagged Sweeney as a rising star.

The actress has a full slate ahead of her already, having been signed to co-star alongside Dakota Johnson in upcoming Spider-Man universe film Madame Webb, in addition to additional films such as The Registration and National Anthem. The Barbarella reboot, though, really seems like it would have the potential to make Sweeney even more of a household name. We’ll bring you more information on the project as it arrives.