Rockstar Teases New Red Dead with Seven Mysterious Cowboys

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Yesterday, Rockstar posted a picture to their social media accounts which simply consisted of a red version of their logo, and the internet collectively lost its mind. People speculated it meant a sequel to Red Dead Redemption was finally going to be announced or at the very least it could be a remaster of Redemption for current-gen consoles; others said that it was literally just a color that was sending the gaming world into a tailspin, so maybe we should wait before jumping to conclusions.

Now it’s pretty much confirmed we’re getting something new from the western world of Red Dead. Of course, Rockstar didn’t just come out and say that that’s what it was, but they did post another teaser to their social media, this one consisting of seven silhouettes of gun-wielding cowboys against a desert background.

It’s hard to tell if any of the silhouettes are characters from the previous game, but it is interesting that there are so many characters being shown, considering Redemption was a single-player experience. The first game leaned heavily on the feel of spaghetti westerns and revisionist westerns, so perhaps this is a hint that the next game is going to echo more classic fare like Magnificent Seven. Having a multi-character cast like Grand Theft Auto V did would be a cool addition, or maybe the game will have a multiplayer online component like GTA Online.

Whatever it is, it’s pretty much confirmed now: after six long years without so much as a peep from Rockstar, we’re finally going back to the Red Dead Wild West. But if this just turns out to be some sort of special western-themed GTA Online event, we riot.

You can see the full, uncropped teaser image below—click it to enlarge.

Red Dead 3 Silhouettes Teaser Full.jpg