Resident Evil Re:Verse Won’t Be Out Until the Summer

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Resident Evil Re:Verse Won’t Be Out Until the Summer

Resident Evil Re:Verse, the new multiplayer game from Capcom that was believed to come out alongside Resident Evil Village in May, is instead releasing this summer.

Announced at the first Resident Evil Showcase in January, the game never had a firm release date. If you check it’s website now, though, Re:Verse is set to launch during the “Summer 2021” window. This isn’t really too surprising given some of the difficulties with the game and how rough it’s looked, though evidently that last bit is intentional.

The game’s first open beta, which was supposed to take place the week before the most recent Resident Evil showcase, was put on hold due to technical issues. The following betas, which have been happening throughout April, have been more successful and have actually worked, but evidently the game still isn’t ready for release.

Touted as a sort of companion to Resident Evil Village, it was widely believed the games would release together when Capcom announced that buying Village would give players Re:Verse free of charge. While the multiplayer game will still be free to folks who purchase Village, players just won’t be receiving their game for a bit longer.

Resident Evil Village still seems to be on track for release on May 7, and for more on what’s coming in that game, you can check out our rundown of the latest Resident Evil Showcase and what we thought of the recently released demo.