The Latest Resident Evil Showcase Reveals a Resident Evil Village Demo and More

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The Latest Resident Evil Showcase Reveals a Resident Evil Village Demo and More

There was another Resident Evil Showcase yesterday that gave us a boatload of new info on the upcoming Resident Evil Village and what the series is up to throughout its 25th anniversary this year. You can watch the full showcase here, but we’ve also got a full rundown for you.

New Resident Evil Village Trailer

First up was the premiere of a brand new trailer for Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainline game in the series. Opening on an ominous prayer, the camera finds its way to a pedestal with an Umbrella Corporation logo on it so that the audience doesn’t forget that the werewolves, vampires and zombies of this world are all due to this one company that simply doesn’t close up shop.

The trailer mostly shows off a variety of locales, including the above-ground village, a look at an underground factory perhaps and of course the grounds outside the castle. Predictably, there are cult-y vibes about the whole thing and everyone also says the protagonist’s name a lot. In case you missed it, it’s Ethan Winters.

Oh and Lady Dimitrescu cuts Ethan’s wrist open and sucks his blood. I know that’s what you’re all here for.

New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo

The announcement of a demo’s mere existence is about the only straightforward thing about this. Instead of just releasing a demo for folks to play, Capcom decided to release a gameplay demo on every system that can play Resident Evil Village, where you can explore both the village and castle areas of the game. The twist is Capcom is limiting players to 60 minutes and on specific days only for 24 hours exactly. After that window is up, the demo will just not work. In North America, demo day will be from May 1 to 2, beginning and ending at 5 p.m. PST on the respective days. In Europe and Asia, demos will be playable beginning on May 2 at 2 a.m. CEST and 8 AM HKT respectively and similarly run for 24 hours.

But wait, it gets slightly more complicated. PS5 and PS4 players will get early access to the demo in something they’re calling “8 Hours in Village.” You’d be forgiven for thinking this meant they had an eight hour demo, but it actually means that you have that much time to play it. It will be a 30 minute demo of only the village area and it will be available, once again, at the strangest times. You should check the exact details for yourself here.

You could’ve just released a 60 minute demo, Capcom…

Mercenaries is Back

The popular Resident Evil mode, Mercenaries, is back in Resident Evil Village after taking a short nine-year break between Resident Evil 6 and this newest installment. There will be a shop for you to form your loadout in this fast-paced, score-based arcade mode. You’ll also be able to customize your weapons through the Duke, who’s the shopkeeper in this game. Abilities are being added to the mode, and you will literally need to find and break them open on the map to use them. They do all the things abilities do in every other game like boost your attack, speed or defense.

25th Anniversary Celebration

At this point in the showcase, a bunch of executives and developers, including Shuhei Yoshida of Playstation and Ashely Sidowski at Naughty Dog, got on camera to offer their congratulations at the milestone of having made it 25 years. It was simple but sweet.

A Look at Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

In case you didn’t know, Netflix is getting an animated Resident Evil series that reunites Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield at the White House two years after Resident Evil 4 when, you guessed it, zombies attack. It’s Olympus Has Fallen if it was a million times better actually, and if the CGI RE movies are anything to go off of, this is going to be ridiculous. July can’t get here soon enough.

Live Action Movie Update

The live-action Resident Evil reboot has finished filming and they’re now working on getting all the CGI monsters in. Still no release date, but we did get a still of a Raccoon City sign.

Dead By Daylight x Resident Evil

As its director Mathieu Cote puts it, Dead by Daylight has become gaming’s “hall of fame of horror,” and there’s no better way to celebrate that than finally introducing Resident Evil to the game. This June, Dead By Daylight will enter its Resident Evil chapter, which will likely feature a killer character and a band of survivors from across the series. While we don’t explicitly know who and what are coming, there are some guesses to be made between now and the full reveal on May 25, when Dead By Daylight will celebrate its own fifth anniversary and unveil what’s in store.

Resident Evil 4 Is Somehow Still Being Ported

They said it couldn’t be done, but the mad lads at Capcom just didn’t give up and now Resident Evil 4 is coming to VR. The legendary (and famously ported) title is coming to Oculus Quest 2 as part of a collaboration between Capcom, Oculus Studios and Armature Studio. The full game will be available in a new immersive first-person perspective and more will be shown off at the Oculus gaming showcase next week on April 21.