Capcom Showcase Shows New Resident Evil 4 Remake Footage, More of Upcoming Village DLC

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Capcom Showcase Shows New Resident Evil 4 Remake Footage, More of Upcoming Village DLC

Yesterday, Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase gave us extended looks at both the upcoming Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion as well as next year’s Resident Evil 4 remake. Winters’ Expansion, the upcoming $20 DLC for Village, will include Shadows of Rose, which takes place after the base game’s story, as well as updates to the Mercenary Mode, and a new third person camera option.

The footage of Shadows of Rose follows Ethan Winters’ daughter as she sets out on a mission to rid herself of psychic powers. To do this, she will have to enter a dreamworld version of the base game’s setting and fight distorted renditions of the original’s cast. In an interview, the director of the add-on, Kento Kinoshita, said this story will last roughly four hours.

We also got more details on the Mercenaries Mode update, which will make Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu playable with unique powers. Mercenaries is a high-score mode featured in several Resident Evil games and tasks the players with surviving against hordes of monsters. The upcoming third-person feature for Village was also shown and was described as helpful for players who found the first-person perspective of the base game too scary or who suffer from motion sickness. Purchasing the Winters’ Expansion will be necessary to play the base game from this perspective, and Shadows of Rose will also use this camera angle. The DLC is coming out on Oct. 28.

There was also more information on the PSVR2 version of Village. It will use the new hardware’s motion controllers to allow dual-wielding and fluid weapon movement, similar to the well-received Resident Evil 4 port for Oculus Rift.

Capcom also previewed Resident Evil RE:Verse, a competitive multiplayer game that is free for those who own Resident Evil Village. It allows you to play as several characters from the series and will also be officially released on Oct. 28.

Finally, they closed the show with an extended look at next year’s Resident Evil 4 remake. In addition to its impressive graphical updates, it teased at mechanical modernizations, such as new ways to deal with incoming attacks (like the very important addition of being able to parry chainsaws with a knife). This all came to a head with a reimagining of the original’s iconic village brawl as Leon darted between angry mind-controlled locales, jumped through windows, and countered deadly blows. We also saw a new upgrade system and got a glimpse of several character redesigns. The remake is set for a Mar. 24, 2023 release.

You can view the full Resident Evil Showcase below: