Portal for Microsoft’s HoloLens Proves AR is the Future

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Portal for Microsoft’s HoloLens Proves AR is the Future

We’ve been hearing for years now that VR is the future, but if there’s one thing to take away from last summer’s Pokémon GO craze, it’s that people will lose their minds over being able to bring games into the real world. Well, take note, people: Kenny Wang’s new Portal mod for Microsoft’s HoloLens (the tech giant’s AR headset) is so much more than a shallow iOS cash-in.

In the video above, Wang effortlessly moves his Companion Cube between the classic blue and orange portals in both his apartment and the surrounding urban landscape. The demo is impressively fluid, and its physics seem fully responsive to any physical object in the user’s environment. Watch as the cube naturally lands on Wang’s coffee table or tumbles down a flight of stairs.

Wang made headlines late last year when he showed off his previous PokéLens mod, to which he even added voice commands soon after its unveiling.

Don’t get too excited to try out these types of experiences, however, as not only are they Wang’s personal mods, but also Microsoft’s HoloLens’ Development Edition is currently going for a cool $3000.

Go ahead and check out the incredible Portal demo above, then the also-impressive PokéLens mod below, if you’re so inclined.