IO Interactive Announces a Body Bag Full of Hitman 3 Year 2 News

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IO Interactive Announces a Body Bag Full of Hitman 3 Year 2 News

Brush off your blazers and red ties, as 2021 critical darling Hitman 3 turns one. To celebrate the anniversary, developer IO Interactive has given fans plenty of gifts to entice them back into the world of Agent 47 as it enters its second year. .

For fans who have enjoyed the execution exploits for the past year, IO Interactive have announced a brand new game mode titled “Elusive Target Arcade.” Launching on Jan. 20, the new mode elevates the established Elusive Target concept and promises to mix up the formula with new challenges and unlockable rewards. Players can look forward to elaborate missions with multiple targets and complications for a long time coming with this permanent addition.

A second new mode, titled “Freelancer,” arrives in Spring 2022 and promises roguelike elements, strategic planning and a customizable safe house. IO Interactive promises multiple campaigns to play through, all utilizing criminal enterprises from the Hitman universe. The final piece of content announced was a new map, codenamed Rocky, which will launch sometime this year.

If all these additions sound tempting and get your trigger finger itching, then you may be excited to hear that Hitman 3 finally arrives on Steam on Jan. 20. The new port contains not only technical upgrades—ray tracing being the biggest addition—but also supports a VR mode. With this addition, the entire World of Assassination trilogy has VR support, allowing players to get down and dirty as Agent 47 on the maps and missions of their choosing.

For the less PC inclined folk (I’m right there with ya), IO Interactive has saved the best for last: the entire Hitman trilogy lands on current and last gen consoles in one neatly packed digital bundle. However, Xbox fans get an extra special treat as the bundle launches on both Xbox and PC Game Pass on, you guessed it, Jan. 20.

Personally, I’ve been wanting to hop into the series for a while, and I absolutely look forward to failing again and again and again next week. For those assassins daring to join me, best of luck. May your costumes be goofy and your kills be creative.