Batman Game Gotham Knights Delayed to 2022

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Batman Game Gotham Knights Delayed to 2022

Gotham Knights has been delayed to 2022. The game’s official Twitter account released a brief statement announcing the delay today:

Gotham Knights, an open-world, cooperative action RPG game in the style of the Arkham games from Rocksteady Studios, was initially announced at the DC Fandome event last summer and was set for a 2021 release. You will be able to play the game single-player or invite a friend and take on Gotham together, with the game allowing you to play as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, or Red Hood (yes, those are three different Robins), who assume the mantle of defending Gotham in light of Batman’s death.

Though Gotham Knights is in the style of the Arkham games, and developers WB Montreal have developed one of those titles, it is actually a wholly original story separate from that of the Arkham series.

While it’s not given as a reason, it’s perhaps fair to assume the delay to Gotham Knights is due to the complicated nature of developing games at home during the pandemic. While restrictions are lifting in spots and vaccinations are getting around, it’ll still be a long while till things are normal and games are developed in the ideal environment again. For now, we should understand that a number of these tentpole titles are likely going to slip on the release calendar, and that’s not only okay but also for the best.