The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda come to Fortnite In New Season

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The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda come to Fortnite In New Season

Galactus’ invasion of the Fortnite island was successfully repelled by players on Tuesday, bringing a close to game’s Marvel-themed chapter 2 season 4. Fortnite launched its next season on Wednesday, bringing with it new characters, stories, guns and items.

Oh, and Baby Yoda. His bounty hunter father, the Mandalorian, too.

This duo fits oddly well with the story arc of Fortnite’s chapter 2 season 5, which is gearing up to be all about bounty hunters. The island is all sorts of unstable after the fight with Galactus exposed the Zero Point, and Agent Jones has assembled a team of bounty hunters to help stabilize the place. Other new characters include an undefeated gladiator named Menace, a desperado-themed stack of pancakes named Man-cake, a shapeshifting barbarian named Mave and a cel-shaded anime robot assassin.

Players can take on quests and bounties from these new characters from around the island, or hire them to be temporary allies. Those less inclined to negotiate can challenge the wandering bounty hunters to duels for their loot.

Completing quests and bounties, eliminating players and finding hidden stashes around the island will net players gold bars. Gold bars are the only form of payment the new characters accept, and can also be spent on exotic weapons, upgrades, intel and more.

New locations were also added to the game, including an ancient gladiator arena, jungle and shifting crystalline sand dunes. A bunch of new weapons, like the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun and the Mandalorian’s Amban Sniper Rifle, are ready for players to equip in-game.

Epic Games also teased the addition of new bounty hunters as the season progresses, with the titular Agent Jones set to bring in more characters from “realities beyond.”

You can check out the Fortnite chapter 2 season 5 trailer below.