Speedrunner Beats Elden Ring in 29 Minutes

30 minutes or less, but for games and not pizza.

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Speedrunner Beats Elden Ring in 29 Minutes

Known for years within the Dark Souls community, speedrunner Distortion2 continues to cement himself as a legend by becoming the first player to beat Elden Ring in under 30 minutes.

Over the weekend, Distortion2 posted his record breaking run of 36 minutes and 20 seconds. With momentum on his side, Distortion2 already broke that record, beating the game in 29 minutes and 27 seconds.

Besides carrying From Software’s traditional difficulty and a new massive overworld, Elden Ring has only been out for a few weeks, making Distortion2’s runs even more impressive.

This type of constant record breaks is pretty common for Distortion2: on March 9, he broke the sub-50 minute mark before landing sub-40 a mere two days later.

Since Elden Ring is still so new, its speedrunning community will continue to grow by establishing specific categories and finding new techniques to create the optimal running experience. This early domination by Distortion2 is only the first chapter of what will certainly be a vibrant and entertaining history for Elden Ring speedrunning.

In the meantime, if you want to take a break from your own frustrations with the game and see someone rip it to pieces, Distortion2 streams daily.