Disintegration Developer Shuts Down

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Disintegration Developer Shuts Down

V1 Interactive, the developers behind last year’s sci-fi vehicular shooter/real-time strategy game Disintegration, is closing down.

The studio announced its closure via their official Twitter account.

The studio’s president Marcus Lehto, who also directed Disintegration, took to Twitter following the announcement, adding that they’d “been transparent with them [V1 Interactive employees] about the state of things for months and are making this decision now so they will have ample time to search for new jobs while being supported by our studio.”

V1 Interactive was founded in 2014 by Lehto, who also co-created Halo for Bungie. Following a long career with the Halo series, Lehto left Bungie in 2012 to form what would become V1 Interactive. Since 2014, the studio developed Disintegration, which finally released in 2020 to mixed reception.

Within months of release, V1 announced that they’d be taking Disintegration offline, shuttering its multiplayer component while the single player campaign remained available to buy and play through. Two months later on Nov. 17, the servers were finally shut down.

It’s always unfortunate to see a studio work so hard on something they’re clearly passionate about only to see it not work out in the end. Here’s hoping the affected developers at V1 can land on their feet soon enough.