Starbucks and Dunkin Will Soon Be Delivering Coffee to Your Office

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Sometimes a coffee break can be a nice stretch of the legs. But why even get up when you can have a nice hot cuppa delivered right to your desk? Enhanced productivity, check. Convenience, check. Hot coffee, check.

Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have both seized upon that idea in the past couple of months, and it looks like 2016 will be the year that both roll out widespread delivery services, according to Eater. Starbucks is accomplishing this in two ways. The first is with its own Green Apron Delivery service, which debuted in the Empire State Building this past October and delivers coffee within a half hour of the order placement. So far, it’s only available there, though the company says it will be expanding service in the coming months.

The second is through a partnership with Postmates, which has developed a special carrier for the project that will keep the coffee hot and unspilled. The Postmates app is incorporated into Starbucks’ own, allowing customers to customize their orders and request a delivery to any location, not just high-rise offices. You can order Starbucks through Postmates itself as well.

Meanwhile, Dunkin’ Donuts has thrown its lot in with DoorDash, which has adjusted its delivery schedule to hit the breakfast coffee rush. The partnership is thus far effective in Dallas, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, but looks to be expanding as the year moves along.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that even though hot coffee delivered right to your desk is definitely an awesome thing, it’s still a good idea to get up and walk around every so often. Also: How hard is it to make your own coffee? Really.