Clean Drinking: 4 Intoxicating Organic Vodkas

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With organic food gaining speed in America, it makes sense that organic liquor is making its way to the shelves as well. The concept is fairly straight forward—the booze is made from organic raw ingredients, so it’s better for the environment and (in theory) a little bit better for you. But just a little bit. We found four organic vodkas that are better for the world and slightly better for your body, so you can drink with a (slightly) cleaner conscience.

Founder of Punzoné Vodka, Frank Guererra, an Italian-American from Staten Island, likes to stick to his Mediterranean roots. Growing up with a penchant for healthy food and drink, Punzoné began as a popular punch he’d make for parties. Eventually he came up with the genial idea of making vodka in Italy. With water from the Alps and organic wheat from Piemonte, this vodka gets distilled through a continuous five-column distillation system. It has a very smooth consistency whose flavor rests on the tip of the palate. It’s good enough to sip alone, but mixes easily. The brand offers two fruity and refreshing flavors, Blood Orange and Lemoncino.

Benson, Minn.
Prairie Vodka is comprised of three family farmers that have come together with the hope of providing a spirit that respects the environment. Rather than pesticides, they rely on “native birds and bats to consume [their] insect population, turning [their] fields into complete ecosystems that flourish with all kinds of wildlife.” The vodka is made with organic corn and is distilled to taste, rather than a set number of times. And that taste? It slips down fast and gives a pleasant heat. It’s very flavorful, and one could go as far to say it’s a whiskey drinkers’ vodka. Its cucumber flavor tastes like you’re taking a dip in a pool on a summer’s day.

Square One
Novato, Calif.
Like its name, Square One brings vodka back to square one. Founder Alison Evanow explains how the origins of vodka are organic: it wasn’t until vodka’s mass popularity in the ‘80s that it became mass-produced, and consequently was stripped of its natural flavor. After moving to Northern California, she was inspired to “put the ethos of the farmer’s market into a glass.” The grain used in Square One is organic American rye grown in Montana, the water comes from the Snake River watershed of the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming. It’s distilled once through a four-column still, then lightly filtered through micro-paper. The taste is elusive and discreet. It immediately asserts itself with a nutty flavor, then instantly vanishes. All four varieties—cucumber, botanical, basil, and bergamot—are worth a swig and more.

New York, NY
Crop Vodka likes to keep the lakes and streams around it as clear as the vodka it produces. The organic grain and water from Minnesota are column distilled. Like Prairie vodka, Crop is distilled the number of times necessary based on the taste of the batch. A subtle mix of sweet and spicy, this spirit is ideal for the vodka aficionado. Crop offers a plethora of unique infused flavors. The Spiced Pumpkin is a great option for autumn, while the Cucumber and Meyer Lemon are refreshing summer blends. And when to use the yummy Tomato flavored vodka? Well, that’s mixer’s choice.