Watch DC’s Official Suicide Squad Trailer

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Watch DC’s Official Suicide Squad Trailer

A first-look trailer has been released for Suicide Squad — and not only are we excited, but also super disappointed … that we have to wait another 13 months to see it!

For those who are not familiar with the film, it’s an upcoming entry in the new Warner Bros./DC movie universe that started with Man of Steel. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the second entry and Suicide Squad will be the third. Suicide Squad focuses on a group of incarcerated supervillains who are used as deniable assets for the government to take on dangerous missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences. It’s essentially DC’s take on The Dirty Dozen.

Although DC is only recently playing catch up against Marvel, having a film focusing on supervillains as their protagonists shakes things up a bit, helping DC stick out as a superhero franchise that is taking some of their own direction and not just following Marvel with a few superhero films and then one big team up (although they’re basically doing that too). An antithesis to superhero teams is a bold and fresh idea, and it looks like DC has just shown box office king Marvel its new secret weapon. Your move, Marvel.