Check Out an Exclusive Preview of Mike Manor’s New Comedy Central Series Super I.T. Squad

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Check Out an Exclusive Preview of Mike Manor’s New Comedy Central Series Super I.T. Squad

Did you ever want to live in the internet? Well, of course not, because the internet is the worst, but what if you didn’t have a choice? What if we destroyed the Earth so good and so thoroughly that the internet was the only hope we had? And not in some goofy Ready Player One VR way, but more like The Matrix, where we just upload ourselves directly into CYBERSPACE and live exclusively in what looks like some late ‘80s Sierra On-Line game that would’ve been called Office Quest? What about that, now, huh?

That’s the idea behind Mike Manor’s Super I.T. Squad, a new Comedy Central digital animated series that launches on Jan. 8. We screw everything up so bad that the sick, sweaty world of the internet is our only resort, consigning us to an eternity of living within this digital hellscape we’ve created for ourselves. Sounds like a blast.

Mike Manor, of course, is a director and animator who’s worked on videos for such artists as Reggie Watts, 24kGoldn, Flying Lotus, Denzel Curry & Kennybeats, and more. He specializes in a pixel art style that will feel instantly familiar to anybody who grew up playing videogames in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Helping Manor bring this dystopia to life is a lineup of great comic talent, including Jordan Firstman, Zack Fox, Mitra Jouhari, Mekki Leeper, Alyssa Limperis, Marc Rebillet, Steph Tolev, and JD Witherspoon. And to get you all prepped for this weekend’s premiere, here’s a short introduction to Super I.T. Squad and its team members, exclusively here at Paste.

Super I.T. Squad premieres this Saturday, Jan. 8, at 12 p.m. ET on the Comedy Central Animated YouTube channel. Episodes will air weekly from there on all of Comedy Central Animated’s social channels, including on Facebook, Instagram, and Comedy Central’s Twitter page.