World’s Second Richest Man Plays Videogame Character on TV Show

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World’s Second Richest Man Plays Videogame Character on TV Show

Elon Musk, who is worth more than $160 billion, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. That is an indisputable, undeniable fact. The show aired, and Musk was absolutely one of the people on it. That is something that will always be true: Elon Musk, the absurdly rich meme man, hosted the comedy show.

Elon Musk even did some sketches on the show—or, as he called them on Twitter recently, “skits.” In one of them he dressed up like the videogame character Wario, the mischievous (some would say evil) mirror version of Mario. It was framed as a courtroom scene, with Wario being tried for the murder of Mario during a kart race. It was kind of a weak concept: no character ever actually dies in Mario Kart games, or even seems all that hurt by the various calamities inflicted upon them. Meanwhile Mario dies repeatedly in the Super Mario platformer games, usually at the mercy of Bowser and his army of turtles and walking evil mushrooms. Saturday Night Live is infamously focused on visual and aesthetic accuracy when it comes to its parodies; if it was as interested in narrative accuracy, this sketch probably should’ve had Elon Musk play Bowser or any random Koopa instead of Wario.

Grimes is in it, too. She plays Princess Peach. She’s currently married to Elon Musk. They have one child together.

Have you ever wanted to see a fantastically wealthy man, who has no discernible talent as an actor, comedian, or performer, and who is way more online than any multibillionaire should ever be, dress up like a videogame character on national TV and deliver his lines with the charm , timing and charisma of a cardboard cutout? Now’s your chance.