The Funniest Tweets About Rex Tillerson’s Firing

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The Funniest Tweets About Rex Tillerson’s Firing

Former oil CEO Rex Tillerson was a terrible Secretary of State who gutted the State Department and drove dozens of senior diplomats out of service. He also looks like Judge Smails as a Dracula. He’s the kind of cartoonish rich old white man you just naturally want to make fun of, and while you’re laughing at him he’s focused on the business of destroying the environment and ruining America’s global reputation and, I don’t know, sucking the blood out of unsuspecting Bushwood Country Club employees.

Oh, he was also just fired. By Donald Trump, who is actually a president. And not in person or on a phone call but by a tweet, at least according to the State Department’s initial statement.

Subsequent reporting has established that Tillerson was notified last week that he was being replaced, but that no timeline was established. And since Tillerson accused Russia of the recent poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK just last night, it’s, uh, pretty easy to throw this on top of the stack of evidence for some kind of Russia-Trump conspiracy. If you’re conspiratorially minded, of course.

Let’s not mourn Tillerson or look back on his brief foray into statesmanship with any degree of fondness. Again, the dude was terrible at his job, and just kind of terrible, period. Like so many Trump appointees, he seemed to get this position solely to undermine the government and sow chaos throughout the entire department. That’s about the only thing he accomplished during his (not quite) 14 months in office. And yet he somehow still seemed more competent and serious than his boss, the president, who Tillerson once infamously called a “fucking moron.” (And hell, we’re surprised he lasted as long as he did—we’ve been waiting for Trump to fire him since all the way back in October.)

Of course, as is standard with anything that ever happens with the Trump Administration, Twitter blew up when the news hit. And some of the tweets from that eruption are worth a read. Here are the funniest tweets about our CEO-turned-top diplomat getting canned without fanfare by our reality star-turned-president.