Nathan Fielder’s New Series The Rehearsal Comes to HBO and HBO Max in July

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Nathan Fielder’s New Series The Rehearsal Comes to HBO and HBO Max in July

The Rehearsal, Nathan Fielder’s long-awaited HBO comedy series, finally has a release date. The six-part show launches on Friday, July 15, and will be streaming on HBO Max that same day. The genius behind Nathan for You hasn’t had his own series since that show wrapped up its run on Comedy Central in 2017, although he is an executive producer on HBO’s brilliant How To with John Wilson. Fielder’s career has lead to a very idiosyncratic IMDB entry so far, and it seems like that trend will continue.

What is The Rehearsal, though?

It’s hard to say. The press release describes a show where Fielder lets “ordinary people” rehearse some of life’s most significant moments in “carefully crafted simulations.” Based on the poster, it seems like those simulations won’t necessarily be all that lifelike. In Nathan For You, Fielder offered to help real businesses with absurd ideas that were often transparently awful; if that ethos holds in The Rehearsal, I imagine his attempts to help “real people” rehearse life will be about as awkward and ridiculous as his earlier show. And given the frightening, unholy homunculi in the poster, I’m guessing there might be a touch of legit horror in this thing, too.

Still, we don’t have much to go on yet. A very short teaser went up on Fielder’s Instagram page yesterday, with almost no context; if you really can’t wait for a glimpse, go check it out. Or just chill out for four weeks and catch it on HBO on Friday, July 15. Whatever you want to do.