Here’s a John Oliver Refresher on All of Trump’s Coronavirus Lies and Failures

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Here’s a John Oliver Refresher on All of Trump’s Coronavirus Lies and Failures

Oh, wow, there’s an election tomorrow. Totally forgot about it.

Before you go vote tomorrow (assuming you’re not one of the almost 100 million Americans who checked that off the list with early or absentee voting), it’s important to think about what Trump’s America, and this year specifically, has been like. Unless you’re a billionaire, it probably hasn’t been too great of a time. Even with Joe Biden reliably up in most polls, it’s crazy that Trump is still doing as well as he is, given the debilitating pandemic and, uh, widescale societal collapse we’re all living through. And before any Trump supporters start spouting out about his “China ban,” let’s get blunt about it: although Trump didn’t create the pandemic, his inaction and lies have definitely exacerbated it, leading to America having the highest number of cases and deaths in the world.

Don’t take our word for it, though. In the last episode of Last Week Tonight before the election, John Oliver sums up almost a year of Trump’s coronavirus failures. As Oliver points out, America could’ve been ready for the coronavirus—or at least far more ready than we were. Previous presidents had plans, procedures and a pandemic team in place to help recognize and prevent the spread of a pandemic just like this one, and Trump’s administration basically scrapped almost all of it. Not only was our government slow to move when the virus was starting to spread in America, but the president has consistently downplayed its severity, ignored the advice of our best epidemiologists, and even mocked those who have taken it seriously. And despite acting like a pandemic that has killed 230,000 Americans isn’t that big of a deal, and despite repeatedly failing at keeping our country safe from its spread, Trump is somehow only down by single digit points in the polls.

Yep, it’s stressful.

If you somehow need a reminder on all of this, or encouragement to get out there and vote tomorrow, watch Oliver’s full segment below.