John Oliver Really Loves Octopuses

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John Oliver Really Loves Octopuses

Last Week Tonight is off for most of July, but John Oliver hasn’t forgotten us. The show’s YouTube page uploaded a short web exclusive this week, and it’s all about what is clearly Oliver’s favorite animal: the octopus.

Usually you know you’re gonna be either depressed or angry, and usually both, after watching one of Oliver’s segments. Yeah, they’re hilarious, too, but surrounding those jokes are facts about how unforgivably terrible some part of modern life and society is. If you like Oliver’s comedy but aren’t in the mood for a downer, this is the video for you. It is perhaps the single most positive thing ever made for Last Week Tonight, even with Oliver wishing for the deaths of multiple people, including himself. And the cause of that joy, again, is the octopus.

Yes, this nine solid minutes of John Oliver going on about how absolutely amazing the octopus is. They look cool, they do amazing things that we’re still learning about, and yet somehow octopuses aren’t a hip meme animal that all the internet people won’t shut up about. Oliver’s hoping to change that, and this video is one hell of a start.

Watch the video below to learn why you should really love octopuses, too.