Watch Ghosts Terrify Jo Firestone in a Hilarious Halloween Short

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Watch Ghosts Terrify Jo Firestone in a Hilarious Halloween Short

Though seemingly disparate at the outset, horror and comedy are one of those unbeatable pairings that just work. Comedian Jo Firestone has given the crossover a whirl, hosting her own paranormal short Haunted Mansions with Jo Firestone on YouTube. The only catch? Ghosts scare her shitless. Firestone’s comedy usually involves her radiating nervous energy—like her doomsday prepper character in Joe Pera Talks with You—so this may be the worst (or best?) possible gig for her.

Directed by Lauren Greenhall, the video follows Firestone as she tours Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY, supposedly one of the most haunted places in North America. The hotel first opened in 1845, and according to current owner Kelly Hammerling, there are over 40 known spirits residing there, including an entity ominously named “The Creeper,” a serial killer, and a ghost cat. Firestone explores the hotel with various employees in the video, along with “The New Jersey Medium,” Scott Davis (who’s also a police officer—no word on if he uses his powers to solve crimes). Whether or not you belong to the nearly half of Americans who believe ghosts are real, you have to admit, whatever is going on is terrifying Firestone.

Watch the spooky special below, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out our 2021 interview with Firestone and Zygy Susser.