Jessica Williams Roasts Bernie Supporters Turned Trump Voters in Her Last Daily Show Segment

Comedy News Jessica Williams
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In her last Daily Show segment, Jessica Williams spoke to six Bernie Sanders supporters who now plan on voting for Donald Trump. The bit was full of her signature sarcasm, asking the six to identify quotes as said by Trump or Sanders, which they were able to identify correctly (aside from a trick quote by Hitler), adding all the more to Williams’ befuddlement over their consideration of Trump.

“He has diarrhea of the mouth,” said one participant on his choice of Trump over Hillary Clinton, “but a lot of the things he says are things that a lot of people may think.” “You mean, like racist things?” countered Williams. “Racist things, I would say, yeah,” answered the participant.

Williams ended the segment by playing a clip of Sanders pledging his vote to Hillary and saying, “Maybe Bernie Sanders supporters should just listen to the guy they’re supporting. J-Willy out.”

Watch the full segment here.