The Funniest Tweets about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Calling Trump a Moron

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The Funniest Tweets about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Calling Trump a Moron

So our current (and almost certainly soon-to-be-former) Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, just had to hold a press conference to respond to the news that he called President Trump a moron. Imagine Warren Christopher or Dean Rusk insulting their presidents like this, or Henry Clay, who was pretty darn good at making some compromises, just laying in to that New England blue blood John Quincy Adams. If Timothy Pickering or Edmund J. Randolph had said something like this there definitely would’ve been a duel.

Okay, it’s not like American politics have always been some stately, genteel pursuit. There’s no way cabinet members haven’t spoken this candidly about their boss in the past; the difference is few (if none) of those presidents were despised by their entire administration, and thus subject to countless leaks intended to reaffirm how utterly incompetent they were at being president. In that regard, Trump’s presidency really is operating at a higher, historic level: even the people working for him have absolutely no respect for him.

Twitter eats up any embarrassing news about Trump, of course, and today was no different. As soon as the news broke the jokes started pouring in. Tillerson’s non-denial press conference kicked off a second wave. Here are the best of the best, the funniest of the lot, the tweets most worth reading about our top diplomat calling his boss, our leader, the most powerful man in the free world, a moron.