Check Out a Hilarious Sketch in This Exclusive Clip from NBC’s Bring the Funny

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Check Out a Hilarious Sketch in This Exclusive Clip from NBC’s Bring the Funny

Here is a screenshot of Kenan Thompson smiling.


What is the all-time SNL great, and one of the funniest men on TV today, smiling at? Well, it’s the sketch below by the Valleyfolk, a Los Angeles-based sketch group competing for a $250,000 prize package on NBC’s Bring the Funny. Thompson’s one of three judges on the competition show, alongside Jeff Foxworthy and Chrissy Teigen, and together they hold the power to make or break some lucky comedian’s career.

Okay, that might be overstating it—how many American Idol winners landed worthwhile, longrunning careers? But that quarter million assortment of prizes shouldn’t be laughed at, and many of the contestants on NBC’s last comedy competition show, Last Comic Standing, have been very successful in the years since, so let’s not be too cynical about Bring the Funny. It could be a legit career launch pad for any number of the comics who appear on it.

The Valleyfolk, meanwhile, have already known success in the past. Its four members—Joe Bereta, Elliott Morgan, Lee Newton and Steve Zaragoza—were all hosts of YouTube’s defunct news and entertainment show SourceFed. They stuck together after decamping from that now-shuttered platform, forming the Valleyfolk and racking up close to 300,000 followers on YouTube. The sketch that made Kenan flash his magnetic smile is a good example of their sturdy, professional sketch craftsmanship. It takes a basic, immediately recognizable template, sticks to a common sense buildup with the rule of three, and then veers off at the last second with an unexpected twist that injects very modern fears into a timeless scenario where they don’t quite belong. It’s a well-written sketch, and you can check the whole thing out below. And Bring the Funny airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT.