Behold the Many Glorious Faces of Bill Murray

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Behold the Many Glorious Faces of Bill Murray

Having long ago conquered Hollywood, these days Bill Murray is something of an actor emeritus, spending most of his time having fun, looking great and just generally being awesome. Occasionally, however, he still manages to sneak in the odd acting job, like his recent appearance in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. In honor of that movie (and the impressive facial hair the actor wore within), Canada’s National Post commissioned this comprehensive graphic cataloging over 30 years of memorable Murray-ians.

Titled “The many faces of Bill Murray,” the Warhol-like Bill-board is the work of the unrelated but still pretty darn talented Steve Murray. With 51 different panels, the illustration actually covers Murray’s entire feature film career, from 1979 to today. It even incorporates the one role as a certain Monday-hating, lasagna-loving feline* that Murray would probably rather forget. Check it out below.

*I’m speaking, of course, of his portrayal as FDR in Hyde Park on the Hudson.