The Amber Ruffin Show Gets Renewed by Peacock

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The Amber Ruffin Show Gets Renewed by Peacock

A rare bit of good news hit today: Peacock’s signed up for more Amber Ruffin. The comedian’s late night series The Amber Ruffin Show will be returning in 2021 with 10 more episodes. After a short holiday break, the second run of episodes will launch on Friday, Jan. 8, with a new one hitting the streamer every subsequent Friday.

If you haven’t caught The Amber Ruffin Show yet, well, you should. As I wrote back when it launched, it’s a smart, silly, charming alternative to the typical late night fodder, hosted by one of the most likable people on TV. Ruffin’s disarming approach to political comedy and commentary is smarter, funnier, and more human than the polemics found on other shows—even the ones that are usually good at that kind of thing, like Ruffin’s boss on Late Night, Seth Meyers. So yeah, it’s a good show, and it’s coming back, which is also good. Good, good, good.

Don’t take our word for it, though: here’s Amber Ruffin herself, delivering the news on YouTube.